Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Next ?

The debate is just started: By any asumption, Blog I-I is in a state of doubtness. Indeed, the only thing standing between Blog I-I and Indonesian People is trust based on nothing but the truth -- and Blog I-I mission is merely slowing the fall of Indonesia Raya. The internecine conflict within intelligence world could easily spiral into one that threatens not only Indonesian Government but also its people throughout the natural-rich equator of Nusantara with corruption, poverty, conflict of interest, instability, turmoil and possibly civil war.

The consequences of instability in Indonesia could be unpredicted. Considering the experiences of recent such conflicts, hundreds of people die, killed, and maybe tortured. Refugees and displaced people could number in thousand since 1998. The worst of all is the rising of legal preman (police, tni, intelligence) and organized crime rings wreaking havoc on Indonesia's economy infrastructure, a full-scale conflict between the poor and the rich could send a higher degree of extremism throughout Indonesia.

I am happy that most Blog I-I readers were disagree with the content of the last two articles -- too political. A good sign from you all guys.......

Don't worry, Senopati is still here, still the same person.

My question is how long can I manage this Blog. I am waiting your sincere comment and support to keep this Blog alive.

We have to think about the future, about our next generation. My time is passed away, a history of success and failure. I try to interfere the present time through Blog I-I to encourage todays generation to think creative, alert, disciplin, and open minded with broad perspective on the development of world affairs. I also wanted to scratch a Blog's note for next generation, so they can read critically and can develop their capability to support Indonesia Raya.

Senopati Wirang
Allow me to underline what you said about legal preman. Sadly to say that not only premanism but also marginali sation of intelligence officer direct ly within the HQ, done by it prominen t figure in HQ of Seno itself. Seno HQ nowaday full of military and poli ce officer, while civilian event the senior one are marginalied, its a pitty. the leader only thing about how tobecome higher and dont care about his people.
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