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Friday, December 29, 2017

Internet Censorship in Indonesia: a Healthy Internet for the People?

Based on the regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information No 19 of 2014, Blog Intelijen Indonesia was and still is blocked, banned, and perhaps defined as a national threat by the Government of Indonesia. However if we examine the Blog Intelijen Indonesia, we will not be able to find any clue directing our rational thinking to see the reason why this Blog is banned. Even from the database of OONI ExplorerBlog I-I was and maybe still is not among blocked blogs in Indonesia.

With more than 11 millions hits and thousands regular visitors from around the world, Blog I-I earned its small publicity for many years. However, a healthy critical opinion is not always considered as healthy existence by the Government of Indonesia.

Since  the creation of the trust+ team, the effectiveness of blocking dangerous online sites in all forms has been marvelous, a great success to some of my friends to support the government of Indonesia to watch all online contents and kill it when necessary. Unfortunately blog intelligence Indonesia is one of the victims of the trust+ team. I need to disclose this information, so all cyber activists in the world may consider to test Indonesian cyber experts. Yes, this is an open invitation. The trust+ team consists of the best Indonesian cyber security people, they even claimed as the best in the world. No hacker, online propagandist, agent of influence, or whatever the name is can play their game in Indonesia. Indonesia is considered itself as only second to China in term of protecting its society from cyber attacks in all forms.

The trust+ team changes its name into cyber drone 9 to signify its strength in surveillance, protection, and blocking all threats against Indonesian cyber system. They even claimed that they respect democracy as "harga mati" (not negotiable or non-negotiable),  but in reality they blocked Blog Intelijen Indonesia which has nothing to do with pornography, terrorism, separatism, hoax/false news, hate speech, or any category as a threat to the people and state of Indonesia. It is such a shame that a healthy internet in Indonesia is not healthy for democracy. I don't know how many blogs and social medias are in the same box with Blog Intelijen Indonesia, killed by the trust+ team in shaming the name of democracy.

Hackers Blog I-I

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